Financing Study Abroad

For Information Purposes Only: Students are responsible for their own financing.

  1. Step One: Make a budget. How much money are you going to need?
  2. Step Two: Go to Financial Aid office and see how much money is available for a summer or spring program
  3. Step Three: Look for Scholarships
  4. Step Four: Consider using Crowdfunding sites, such as or
  5. Step Five: Look for other sources of money

The Gilman Scholarship

FC and CC Foundation Scholarships

The Fullerton College and Cypress College Foundation offer scholarships and grants to help students pay for school. There are hundreds of opportunities to help pay for college. To get one, you must apply!

G.I. Bill Information

Financial Aid Available


FC Financial Aid advisor, Jose Alacraz, can help you with your Study Abroad financial aid questions. Email him at:

Note: All Financial Aid for our Study Abroad Programs comes from Fullerton College. If you are a student who is receiving financial aid from a school other than Fullerton College. You must switch your primary school to Fullerton on your FAFSA form the semester before you leave.


Pell Grant Recipients

The Gilman Scholarship is the largest Study Abroad scholarship out there. If you are a Pell Grant Recipient you can apply for the Gilman Scholarship and receive up to $5,000. If you are interested in learning more about applying for the Gilman Scholarship, contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Angela Henderson at