The Study Abroad Program at Fullerton College and Cypress College provides our students and our community with the opportunity to study in a foreign location that will promote a global perspective for effective living and working in an international environment.  We offer both short-term and long-term educational programs.  Taking part in a Study Abroad program offers many benefits including:


Courses we offer directly relate to and benefit from the instruction location.  You will become familiar with an entirely new way of learning, and you may have the chance to take courses not offered on your home campus.  In addition, most semester-length programs include foreign language instruction.


All courses we offer are transferable; most fulfill General Education transfer requirements to the California State Universities, the Universities of California, and many private colleges and universities.  Many four year institutions and scholarship organizations view Study Abroad experience positively when considering students for transfer and awards.


In an increasingly global environment, employers recognize that applicants who have had an international experience bring knowledge, skills and cultural awareness that are tremendous workplace assets.


Study abroad will help you develop personal and leadership skills through experiences a traditional classroom setting can never provide. Being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting is exciting, and, more importantly, it’s an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems.  It is the beginning of a lifelong learning experience that will transform the way you view the world.

Service Area Outcomes

The Study Abroad Program will provide students an opportunity to go to foreign countries in order to develop internationalization and global awareness.

At the conclusion of the Study Abroad Program, students will be able to recognize the values of a foreign culture and compare these values to those learned in the United States.

At the conclusion of the Study Abroad Program, students will be able to apply an understanding of the broader global community to plan and execute personal and/or professional goals.

At the conclusion of the Study Abroad Program, students will be able to synthesize the Study Abroad pedagogy of course/community content as a learning resource.