Financial Aid & Scholarships


Financial Aid Available for Study Abroad:


  • FC Financial Aid Office
  • In Person: Building 100, First Floor
  • By Phone: (714) 992-7091

FC Financial Aid advisor, Jose Alacraz, can help you with your Study Abroad financial aid questions. Email him at:

Note: All Financial Aid for our Study Abroad Programs comes from Fullerton College. If you are a student who is receiving financial aid from a school other than Fullerton College. You must switch your primary school to Fullerton on your FAFSA form the semester before you leave.


G.I. Bill Information, contact:

  • The Veterans’ Resource Center
  • In Person: FC/Room 518
  • By Phone: (714) 992-7102



For Information Purposes Only: Students are responsible for their own financing.

  • Step Four: Look for Crowdfunding sites, such as
  • Step Five: Look for other sources of money
  • General Websites:
    • Your religious, fraternal, and civic organizations.
    • Your family, friends, co-workers
    • Crowd sourcing sites like

Pell Grant Recipient:

The Gilman Scholarship is the largest Study Abroad scholarship out there. If you are a Pell Grant Recipient you can apply for the Gilman Scholarship and receive up to $5,000. If you are interested in learning more about applying for the Gilman Scholarship, contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Doug Eisner at

Applying for the Gilman Scholarship


 Scholarship Resources:

• Over 145 links to scholarships applicable to study abroad
• Open to students who are Pell Grant eligible
• $500 scholarships for US students studying abroad with member institutions
• A search database for study abroad scholarships
• A search database for college scholarships
• The largest scholarship search database on the internet
• A search database for study abroad scholarships
• A student guide to financial aid and scholarships
• A student guide to financial aid and scholarships